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Private Company Loans:  


  • Commercial Loans.  Commercial loans take place at the company level and typically take a number of forms.  Short-term loans may be obtained against accounts receivable and inventory and are used for working capital purposes.  Longer term loans may be taken against property, plant and equipment which have the advantage of being committed capital and the ability to fix the interest rate. Although there are many banks in the U.S. that provide a similar offering of commercial banking products, we work with clients to find banks that are the best fit from a size, risk appetite and client service perspective.  

  • ​Loans Secured by Private Company Interests.   There are about 200,000 middle-market firms in the U.S., most of them are privately owned or closely held, and their annual revenues combined total more than $10 trillion. It is therefore no surprise that this is an extremely popular area. The ability to release value locked in private companies adds significantly to the financial flexibility of HNW individuals and family offices.    

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