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Home Loans:  


  • Jumbo Acquisition Loans.   Many entrepreneurs and HNW individuals purchase luxury investment homes in markets where the high prices  result in a financing amount that exceeds their bank's lending limit.  Our network of banks includes a number of large institutions from a variety of geographies which have appetite to enter these new markets.   

  • Construction Loans.    Given the recent rise in real estate prices, many HNW individuals are buying homes, knocking them down , and building larger luxury homes for investment. For select clients, we source banks that are comfortable providing construction loans even where the original home has been razed and the FMV of the new home is much higher than the historic price of the property.  

  • Cash Out Refinance. Given the recent increase in real estate values, many entrepreneurs and HNW individuals have significant value locked in their real estate portfolio from which they would benefit greatly if that value were released. Our broad network of banks is includes institutions from a variety of geographies than can accommodate  these requests.   

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