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Loans vs Collectibles:  


Many entrepreneurs have collectible assets that have appreciated over the last few years. These assets are often represent a good store of  value and entrepreneurs have begun to explore ways to release such value.  In recent years it has become common to setup either lines of credit against such assets. Here are a few of the asset classes that have become popular with lenders. 

  • Classic Car Collections.   Exotic, vintage and antique cars collections are an excellent store of value and have risen significantly over the last 20 years. 


  • ​Fine Wines.    Fine wines have become a popular source of collateral for lenders as prices of wine collections have   soared.  

  • Baseball Cards.  An extremely passionate group of collectors combined with limited supply and a bit of nostalgia has led card baseball card collections to become a viable source of collateral for some lenders. 

  • ​Other.  On a case-by-case basis, we will evaluate other classes of collateral including jewelry, watches, and other items where it can be established that there is a secondary market.  The minimum collection value for our program is $10 million.       

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