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Cashflow Loans:  


  • Loans to Finance Growth. Very often early stage growth companies that are cashflow positive in the the $5M to $12M EBITDA range will seek additional capital in order to push up to a $20M ARR which is seen as being an inflection point for many PE funds. With a cashflow-based loan the company can redeploy the proceeds into the company in lieu of another round of capital, thereby avoiding another round of dilution.

  • Partner Buyout Loans.  Life comes at us fast.  There are many unexpected situations in life such as death, divorce,  financial distress and just plain old disagreement that can cause partners to part ways. Loans collateralized by the cashflow of a company can be an excellent source of capital to buyout your partner in any one of these situations.   

  • Royalty Streams.  Royalty-based financing are loans in which repayment is based on the borrower's future cashflow. Rather than fixed payments, the payments fluctuate with the borrower's revenue performance. The loan payments are variable, the term is also variable.

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